** SOLVED udev: renamed network interface eth to eth


I had and SOLVED some problems with network, precisely with network interfaces names, given by udev with the error “udev: renamed network interface eth …”.

After booting for the first time your machine after cloning, it will cause the network to not boot properly (just the loopback interface), because the file /etc/network/interfaces will probably contain the old name of the interface renamed by udev. so, if you see

udev: renamed network interface eth0 to eth1


udev: renamed network interface eth1 to eth2

or similar in your dmesg and you want top set NIC name back to eth0 or whatever it was (and what /etc/network/interfaces expects) just delete the 70-persistent-net.rules file with:

rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

Then you have to reboot so udev will rebuild the file with the wanted name.
If you need help, or if you think i do, please comment, write me or even chat with me on my phone using the green button.

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Author: Giuseppe Urso

Giuseppe lives in Haarlem now with his shiny dog, Filippa In 1982 received his first home computer, a Commodore 64, followed by Datasette and a 1541 Floppy Disk Drive. In 1999 he installed his first Linux distro (LRH6). In 2006 he switched to Debian as favourite OS. Giuseppe Urso actively sustains the Free Software Fundation and his founder Richard Mattew Stallman, he speaks to people trying to convince them to join the fight now, and about how important is to use Free Software only. He has a job as Infra Specialist at Hippo Enterprise Java Cms an Open Source Enterprise class Content Management System, one of the coolest company ever, in Amsterdam. He's always ready to install Debian on other people computers for free.

7 thoughts on “** SOLVED udev: renamed network interface eth to eth”

  1. Greetings,
    i had same issue migrating a rhel 6 vm to another hypervisor.
    A quick search spotted your solution.
    Thank you!

  2. I started to think that my Raspberry PI was dead because the same microSD was working on one Raspberry PI fine but not on an other. But I finally found out what the cause was, thank you!

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