WordPress Moodle integration

A.K.A. WordPress and moodle SSO (Single Sign On).

There are these two very good open source content management and e-learning products:



I find this a very interesting argument, for this reason i started writing a guide about how to make users authenticate on both systems with a single sign on.

My post is about getting things running smoothly after wordpress updates.

That could be tricky because any updat on wordpress side or on moodle side will overwrite all modification made in order to make the SSO working.

You can take a look at my post about Moodle and WordPress integration.

Let me know if this works for you and what can goes wrong so I can update information there.


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[Solved] Woocommerce theme layout problem (all themes)

woocommerce logo
woocommerce logo

How to fix Woocommerce theme layout problem in shop page, category page, product page, images size, thumbnails size; with or without sidebar(s) in any theme.

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AwesomeAds and PHP Warning: feof() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given

I’m going through error logs in order to optimize apache performance avoiding unuseful php errors and warning not visible from the “outside”. Then i’ve found an error related with this wordpress plugin called “Awesome Ads” wich can manage ads displaying on pages and post from two providers: Adsense and Chitika. This second one must be in some way related with the plugin using the Adsense popularity and at same time the lack of very good plugin for its management, to push a bit their product. Common practice. Not shareable, but common.

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Apache2 access.log problem mapi?query= cmd getCounters jsonPrefix _PHJSONPCallback_1046 &rnd=

fail2ban-in-action-for-wordpress-security-and-performancesThis webpage http://file.oboz.ua/files/vf4f51401192c57_20123223481.mail%5B1%5D is trying to make a fishing attack using this page to serve unprocessed html code in order to make something with user of mail.ru.
if you see a log entry like this: - - [02/Jan/2013:08:53:31 +0000] "GET /mapi?query=%7B%22cmd%22%3A%22getCounters%22%2C%22jsonPrefix%22%3A%22__PHJSONPCallback_47%22%7D&rnd=1357116906112 HTTP/1.1" 403 507 "http://my.mail.ru/friends?" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/535.12 (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon/3.0 Chrome/18.0.966.0 Safari/535.12"

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Securing WordPress (or any site) with fail2ban: prevent vuln scanners, flood and bruteforce attack

fail2ban-stopping-scannersHow to secure WordPress using advanced tools like fail2ban.


This rules can cut out search engines from your server and they can affects all the sites hosted on the machine you are working on. I’m writing this because at the end it turned out that a better solution to prevent distribuited flooding is to use iptables with custom rules.

Fail2ban is one of my favourite server securing software, because it not only protects against several consequences deriving from being attacked by some script kiddy, but it saves a lot of system resources otherwise wasted serving pages to bots or similar.
I just discovered an annoying and repeated access log entry on my access logs wich leads to a 403/404 (i faked a little tso it makes sense for this article) error page (forbidden) and then i decided to let a specialized software do the job instead of using wordpress plugin, wich ,would act at a php/mysql level having to generate each time server headers, and here again, wasting server resources.

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WordPress plugin: Amazon Wishlist widget

amazon-wishlistI just finished this WordPress plugin for displaying a given amazon wishlist on the sidebar as widget.
It can be configured for:

  • Amazon Wishlist ID
  • Show Prices or Not
  • Use 24 hours Cached Infos or Not
  • Sort Order (date, title, price, price, lsat updated, priority)
  • Anchor Text For the button to be used to buy the item
  • Live Prewiew
  • It will adapt to any theme

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[Fast solution] WordPress Plugins: RSS-digest and Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare()

Custom Grunge WordPress LogoHere you are, after updating to wordpress 3.5 you start getting this error because of a change in prepare() function wich now expects 2 parameters instead of one only.

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Automating WordPress wp-cron on debian

timeSome simple steps to automate the execution of wp-cron.php.


  • You can schedule it at convenient hours without affecting performance for users
  • wp-cron.php become more reliable for almost time-critical tasks (updates, autopost, etc)

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[Solved] WordPress + Woocomerce + twentytwelve Layout problem

woocommerce logo

If you too managed to make woocommerce works on wordpress using twentytwelve theme, you probably already noticed the messed layout in the shop pages (my right column goes down) as there was a css related problem or a loop into columns wich doesn’t take into account eventually the already present wordpress left column.


Please read on
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New SSL Certificate for my blog!


As title says, i managed to obtain and install an SSL certificate for this Blog.
The full procedure has been documented in my previous post Continue reading “New SSL Certificate for my blog!”

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