Macbook and Debian Wheezy: Fix Wifi issues

gnome-network-managerIf you install Debian Wheezy on macbook you will probably face the problem that the wifi connection works but sometimes it simply drops. I didn’t investigate too much on causes because it turned out I was using a old driver: b43, b44 which have been replaced by the newer module “wl”.

This because the Macbook pro uses a BCM4322 s you can see from the output of lspcs

04:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)

So what to do is to remove the unwanted driver and load the new one with the following command: Continue reading “Macbook and Debian Wheezy: Fix Wifi issues”

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Raspberry Wifi Static Ip Config

This image shows my raspberry pi with attached an usb wireless lan adapter.

As title says, here i store how i managed to get a fixed ip address on the wireless lan network interface from shell or command line.
It’s very easy and usefull in a number of situations. For example this makes part of another my projects about remoting audio of my laptop using air-whatever and the raspberry as server, but i will describe this soon, in my next posts.

Raspberry Wifi Static Ip Config

Ingredients: Continue reading “Raspberry Wifi Static Ip Config”

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How to configure Wireless Lan Raspberry Headless Server

It could be useful for wlan configuration without a Desktop GUI or just from ssh client, you choose why.

The point is: you can’t do it with iwconfig, unless you have just wep encription enabled, if you use to have wpa/wpa2, instead you want to use wpa_supplicant.
If you type Continue reading “How to configure Wireless Lan Raspberry Headless Server”

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