Backup Shell script: each Mysql database to a separated dump

MySql LogoAnother life-saver script for a sysadmin.
Run with root mysql user privileges, so.

Use this script at your own risk. The -h option provides a short usage line. If you notice any bug or if you have a useful addition please post your feedback as a comment. Continue reading “Backup Shell script: each Mysql database to a separated dump”

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Using rsync, ssh and cronjob – automatic secured backup

One of My favourite technical article EVER!

I don’t usually produce redundancy copying articles from other’s websites, but after happened to a website (cannot mention, but it was suddenly closed), i decided to keep it (until its license grants me to keep it).


Using Rsync and SSH
Keys, Validating, and Automation
This document covers using cron, ssh, and rsync to backup files over
a local network or the Internet. Part of my goal is to ensure no user
intervention is required when the computer is restarted (for passwords,
keys, or key managers).

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