hostname: Name or service not known

This error is caused by the file /etc/hostname being empty,  unreadable, corrupted

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Ubuntu 14.04 preseed/late_command doesn’t work: this is why

The reason why

d-i preseed/late_command string

doesn’t work on your installation of Ubuntu 14.04 is that you are probably using Ubiquity.
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Asus X202E touchpad sensitivity with Ubuntu

The ones out there who decided to drop Windows 8 in favor of Ubuntu after buying an Asus X202E will probably face the issue of a too sensitive touchpad which makes the laptop barely usable, with a lot of random unwanted clicks especially during the “two finger scrolling”. The two finger scrolling is a feature I really don’t want to give up as well as the touch to click one, as i find them really convenient as long as I have to use the laptop as laptop, which means without an external pointing device such as a mouse.
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Ubuntu Xinput man page

xinput – utility to configure and test X input devices


xinput(1) General Commands Manual xinput(1)


xinput – utility to configure and test X input devices
xinput is a utility to list available input devices, query information about a
device and change input device settings.
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Ubuntu & Debian FIX java plugin for Firefox and Chrome

How to Fix java plugin in Ubuntu for Firefox/Chrome

The error:

Your browser Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome refuses to execute a java applet because of the security risks related to an old version of java, most likely the jdk1.7.0_40 which has been disabled by Mozilla Firefox plugin mantainers on October the 16th. So you probably want to install jdk1.7.0_45.  Anyway, this said, this procedure will most likely work with following versions of Java, Firefox, Chrome, Ubuntu 🙂 And of course. if you need to install Java for your browsers or operating system and you haven’t yet installed once, just skip the parts with the “rm” command as the rest is the same.

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