[Solved] Woocommerce theme layout problem (all themes)

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How to fix Woocommerce theme layout problem in shop page, category page, product page, images size, thumbnails size; with or without sidebar(s) in any theme.

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How to download, install and change phpMyAdmin Themes within shell

Here we are, if you read this article about phpmyadmin, mysql, phpminiadmin and my suggestions about the importance to have a immediate visual perception on which server you are working on, well you probably want to change the phpMyAdmin theme on some of your machine or website, in order to distinguish them (it’s very comfortable when migrating data across two servers). Continue reading “How to download, install and change phpMyAdmin Themes within shell”

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PhpMyAdmin and smaller alternatives

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Nobody can survive without either MySql and phpMyAdmin, but in some case i have had the need for a very small script to be uploaded for example on a smartphone wich uses MySql, or on a very slow connection, or with an expensive gsm/umts/hsupa/whatever internet connection. Continue reading “PhpMyAdmin and smaller alternatives”

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