Why Poste Italiane is one of the most Fishing-friendly Websites


Right after just a couple of days since my post about the security of Poste Italiane home banking website, some things have happened, some other which were expected to do, didn’t.

Within the thing which have happened, for instance, Google and Firefox identified the website i’ve wrote about as a fishing websites, warning visitors about the evil content hosted on those pages. What i signaled was the ease with which these identity stealers can make a perfect copy of the home page of the mentioned service. Continue reading “Why Poste Italiane is one of the most Fishing-friendly Websites”

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Static IP Address Raspberry pi

Topic: Static Ip Address Raspberry pi

This is quite a common task, but sometimes it’s not easy (especially first times) to remember these settings. So for me and others who need a static ip address on a raspberry pi running Debian, here is how:

How to setup a static IP Address on Raspberry-pi  running Raspbian or Debian

This will involve 2 files: Continue reading “Static IP Address Raspberry pi”

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