Bowers & Wilkins DM22 fix cabinet, filters, grill clothing

Found these speakers for a handful of euros so i bought them with the idea of cannibalise them for the tweeters to use for a pair of tweeterless DM5. But turns out that while the DM5 run a TW20 tweeter, the DM22 run a TW26, so the transplant is not going to happen for incompatible donor. What is going to happen instead is that I will sand a bit the cabinets because over time discolored in some places and probably have been toasted by sun rays in other spots making them a three-color thing.
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Linux & Alsa: Toggle speakers off remotely, from ssh

Today I’ll stay home instead going to the Amsterdam office. I have a terrible headache and i stay better on the dark-silence.

But i want to stay in touch with the office so i start my email, chat, and other web apps, but  suddenly I realize that probably in the office, my colleagues hear a sound for each chat, email i receive and calendar alarms as well.

So I wanted to shut down my pc speaker in the office from ssh.

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