[SOLVED] Macbook SD Card Read only solution.

And how to get read / write access to the macbook pro sd card

This workaround will explain how to solve the Macbook sd card read only

I can’t believe I’m going to write this stuff, but it is real, you believe it or not. I don’t have the category “Acrobatic Hardware Usage”, but if I had, that’s where this post should go. Continue reading “[SOLVED] Macbook SD Card Read only solution.”

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Using wget to download from svn (subversion)

Well sometimes you could need to download software that it is available just for svn checkouts, without having or using any svn client.

For example I’m on a machine where I cannot install subversion but I have wget wich, at the end, it is just a normal http client just like a browser or subversion itself, without all the svn-related stuff (checkin, checkout, lock, etc.). Continue reading “Using wget to download from svn (subversion)”

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