Raspberry pi Raspbian checking for SSL libraries… configure: error: Cannot find ssl libraries

Compile error? ./configure on raspberry gives following eror.

This will solve:

 --with-ssl=/usr/bin/openssl --with-ssl-lib=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/
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Raspbian VS Debian

Raspbian VS Debian: differences, analogies.

We will see the simplest way to compare these two distro. Both eligible for your Raspberry-pi but with different attitudes. Let’s see. Continue reading “Raspbian VS Debian”

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Static IP Address Raspberry pi

Topic: Static Ip Address Raspberry pi

This is quite a common task, but sometimes it’s not easy (especially first times) to remember these settings. So for me and others who need a static ip address on a raspberry pi running Debian, here is how:

How to setup a static IP Address on Raspberry-pi  running Raspbian or Debian

This will involve 2 files: Continue reading “Static IP Address Raspberry pi”

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Raspbian vs Raspbmc

Raspberry 3D Media Player
Raspberry 3D Media Player

I found this question in several web pages but it is not correct speaking about Raspbian vs Raspbmc because:

…ain’t the same ballpark, it ain’t the same league, it ain’t even the same sport.

In fact Raspbmc runs actually on top of Raspbian. The main difference is between their GUI (graphical user interface). In fact while Raspbian comes with a lightweight desktop environment , Raspbmc does not. Raspbmc has one Graphical Interface (the one from XBMC) which cannot be used for the usual desktop operations like copying/moving files and folders, edit texts and so. Continue reading “Raspbian vs Raspbmc”

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[Ita] Come installare XBMC su Raspberry Pi con Raspbian Wheezy

Xbmb on top of raspbian: how to

Questo articolo illustrerà la procedura per installare correttamente XBMC su un Raspberry Pi che utilizza Raspbian Wheezy, ovvero Debian. Continue reading “[Ita] Come installare XBMC su Raspberry Pi con Raspbian Wheezy”

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