Ubuntu 14.04 preseed/late_command doesn’t work: this is why

The reason why

d-i preseed/late_command string

doesn’t work on your installation of Ubuntu 14.04 is that you are probably using Ubiquity.
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Macbook and Debian Wheezy: Fix Wifi issues

gnome-network-managerIf you install Debian Wheezy on macbook you will probably face the problem that the wifi connection works but sometimes it simply drops. I didn’t investigate too much on causes because it turned out I was using a old driver: b43, b44 which have been replaced by the newer module “wl”.

This because the Macbook pro uses a BCM4322 s you can see from the output of lspcs

04:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)

So what to do is to remove the unwanted driver and load the new one with the following command: Continue reading “Macbook and Debian Wheezy: Fix Wifi issues”

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[Solved] Woocommerce theme layout problem (all themes)

woocommerce logo
woocommerce logo

How to fix Woocommerce theme layout problem in shop page, category page, product page, images size, thumbnails size; with or without sidebar(s) in any theme.

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[Solved] WordPress + Woocomerce + twentytwelve Layout problem

woocommerce logo

If you too managed to make woocommerce works on wordpress using twentytwelve theme, you probably already noticed the messed layout in the shop pages (my right column goes down) as there was a css related problem or a loop into columns wich doesn’t take into account eventually the already present wordpress left column.


Please read on
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Free SSL Certificate to Ispconfig websites with Startssl – How to

This article will go through the complete process in order to obtain, install and run an SSL Webserver Certificate for free with ISPConfig3 and Startssl dot com.
Some years ago i discovered this useful service for generating Class 2 webserver certificates, very useful to offer your user a secure, encrypted connection over wich they can send their data reducing the risks of being sniffed (i’ll write something about sniffing).
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Lipo charger resuscitated apparently dead white intel macbook battery

If you left your macbook with no power for a long time, its battery will probably refuse both to boot or to charge. For those of you a little experienced in batteries, there will be probably a good hope to bring your batteey back to life using a good balance charger and discharger for lipo, li-fe,li-ion,pb battery and so. You have to open the battery case, use the force but wisely. And you will get to this:

The internals of the white 13 macbook

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Low altitude hold, auto takeoff, autolanding with kk or Hk v2.1 + Arduino + Sonar

This post is under constant update until i find a complete solution

I’m publishing it even if it is not complete because i’ve found some working (into compiler) code and probably there are a lot of people out there in my same situation and we can help each other. So…

UPDATES 2012-12-06

  • I made all connections
  • Reviewed the code and renamed vars so you can actually understand while you read
  • I compiled and uploaded the sketch (the first one has errors)
  • I added an LED for signaling the status changes
  • I’m working on thelemetry (battery voltage)
  • I switched to a new ping library
  • I released new code
  • I updated this discussion about arduino + sonar/ping + kk/hk board
  • It works with any configuration (tricopter, Y4, Y6, xcopter, quadcopter, hexcopter, octocopter, 12 rotors and so…)

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DD-wrt internal client NAT to port redirected internal host with external address

My messy routers: linksys dd-wrt enabled and Cisco epc3925 bridged.

After configuring your Internet router to act as bridge (mine is a Bridged Cisco epc3925), basically you configured your dd-wrt enabled device in order to map some external ports to one or more internal hosts so you can expose a webserver listening on port 80 or a ssh instance on port 22 using your public ip address given by your internet company to your router, or, better you can even use an FQDN like home-haarlem.giuseppeurso.net to point dns records to your home internet address. Cool. Continue reading “DD-wrt internal client NAT to port redirected internal host with external address”

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