[ITA] Configurare Apache/php/mysql + Eclipse + xDebug su Mac Os X con Mamp

osx-php-eclipse-pdt-apache-xdebugA causa delle numerose tribolazioni degli utenti mac Os X nel tentativo di configurare un buon ambiente di sviluppo dedicato al php, ho deciso di scrivere questa semplice guida, utile per Mac Os X che utilizzerĂ :

  • Mamp
  • Eclipse
  • Xdebug

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Automating WordPress wp-cron on debian

timeSome simple steps to automate the execution of wp-cron.php.


  • You can schedule it at convenient hours without affecting performance for users
  • wp-cron.php become more reliable for almost time-critical tasks (updates, autopost, etc)

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[Solved] WordPress + Woocomerce + twentytwelve Layout problem

woocommerce logo

If you too managed to make woocommerce works on wordpress using twentytwelve theme, you probably already noticed the messed layout in the shop pages (my right column goes down) as there was a css related problem or a loop into columns wich doesn’t take into account eventually the already present wordpress left column.


Please read on
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Client side Html Injection with firebug

As described in another article, you can use Client side html injection techniques basically for two reasons:

  • cheat on your friends
  • send variables

In this example we will send some vars to a php page predisposed in order to show all POST vars, then we will apply this technique to the ebay homepage to apply a filter to the search form.
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WordPress and the strange “Posted on %A %B %e%q, %Y”

Custom Grunge WordPress LogoApparentely it starts with no reason, but actually it starts because of qtranslate wordpress plugin.
You don’t ave to uninstall it as it is a valid tool.
Just it needs a little adjustment in its code. Continue reading “WordPress and the strange “Posted on %A %B %e%q, %Y””

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Using wget to download from svn (subversion)

Well sometimes you could need to download software that it is available just for svn checkouts, without having or using any svn client.

For example I’m on a machine where I cannot install subversion but I have wget wich, at the end, it is just a normal http client just like a browser or subversion itself, without all the svn-related stuff (checkin, checkout, lock, etc.). Continue reading “Using wget to download from svn (subversion)”

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How to download, install and change phpMyAdmin Themes within shell

Here we are, if you read this article about phpmyadmin, mysql, phpminiadmin and my suggestions about the importance to have a immediate visual perception on which server you are working on, well you probably want to change the phpMyAdmin theme on some of your machine or website, in order to distinguish them (it’s very comfortable when migrating data across two servers). Continue reading “How to download, install and change phpMyAdmin Themes within shell”

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PhpMyAdmin and smaller alternatives

phpMyAdmin Logo

MySql Logo



Nobody can survive without either MySql and phpMyAdmin, but in some case i have had the need for a very small script to be uploaded for example on a smartphone wich uses MySql, or on a very slow connection, or with an expensive gsm/umts/hsupa/whatever internet connection. Continue reading “PhpMyAdmin and smaller alternatives”

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Shineisp Installation Log / mini How to

Shineisp is an italian open source WHM (Web Hosing Management) and we are going to give it a try. I recall i alredy installed it last year, but the machine had a poor hardware and shineisp is a greedy MVC phpmysql program. For this “instalfiguration” we assume we are on Debian Squeeze and we will cover the steps needed to get shineisp up and running in 10 minutes.

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Automating Moodle: basic cronjob solution

If you navigate your moodle administration side and click on “Notifications” you will probably see this statement:
The cron.php maintenance script has not been run for at least 24 hours.

just like this one:

Unless you have already setup an automated way to accomplish this, you want to Continue reading “Automating Moodle: basic cronjob solution”

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