Debian: how to sudo without password


How to execute commands as root without being asked for the password is a convenient time saving option. But not just time saver, but also it will let you acting always as a the same user, so it will be easier to keep the history together.

Let’s say you want this exception to be applied just to your user and not to all users. For do this you have to edit your sudoers file using visudo:
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[Easy] How to change ISPConfig Admin password

ispconfiglogoHere is How to change the ISPConfig Admin password from MySql using phpmyadmin or normal logged in mysql user from console.
This is a very small but effective article because sometimes, when you have several machine to manage, it can happen that you just can’t remember that password that moment.
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Backup Shell script: each Mysql database to a separated dump

MySql LogoAnother life-saver script for a sysadmin.
Run with root mysql user privileges, so.

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