HK V2.1Altitude Hold with arduino and sonar/ping sensor

Yes i have to admit it: last time i tried to take off just with goggles, it crashed. 🙁
It was frustrating also for the poor #4 motor that lost all the small balls of the shaft bearing, consequently grinded within magnet and coils: corps everywhere. didn’t cry, yet. Continue reading “HK V2.1Altitude Hold with arduino and sonar/ping sensor”

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Arduino as flight simulator interface for any rc receiver

Important Update

If you are going to use this code, please read on comments, you will find a better written code, shorter and with no conversions. Thanks to Fabien.

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I have left my usb adapter for my RC Radio to flight simulator to my friend Simone.
I have a spare arduino (any arduino is suitable, until it as at least the usb port, obviously 🙂 ) and a spare turnigy receiver with damaged antenna (max range 5 meters, enough for the coach). Continue reading “Arduino as flight simulator interface for any rc receiver”

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