[Solved] Woocommerce theme layout problem (all themes)

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woocommerce logo

How to fix Woocommerce theme layout problem in shop page, category page, product page, images size, thumbnails size; with or without sidebar(s) in any theme.

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Woocommerce shop page layout with Responsive By emiluzelac


Mini tutorial on how to get Woocommerce perfecly integrated into your already existing wordpress theme: this case Responsive By emiluzelac, a very good and really responsive theme for your wordpress blog.

Unfortunately this theme as a large number of themes, does not have the woocommerce optimization in order to get a perfect ecommerce wordpress platform. Infact woocommerce itself works great! It just need this little help. But, hey it is worth the effort!

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[Solved] WordPress + Woocomerce + twentytwelve Layout problem

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If you too managed to make woocommerce works on wordpress using twentytwelve theme, you probably already noticed the messed layout in the shop pages (my right column goes down) as there was a css related problem or a loop into columns wich doesn’t take into account eventually the already present wordpress left column.


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