[Easy] How to change ISPConfig Admin password

ispconfiglogoHere is How to change the ISPConfig Admin password from MySql using phpmyadmin or normal logged in mysql user from console.
This is a very small but effective article because sometimes, when you have several machine to manage, it can happen that you just can’t remember that password that moment.
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MediaWiki Installation Log

Media Wiki logo
Media Wiki logo

As I already wrote many times, this Blog is just for me and for my poor memory that is raped every day by thousands ideas, dreams, problems, my dog… So i use to write things that helped me doing something for the future me, and since i really belive in sharing knowledge on the net i publish them. So if you are about installing WikiMedia on a Debian Squeeze Virtual Machine with ISPConfig, here you are my experience so you can avoid mistakes and messing with operating system. Continue reading “MediaWiki Installation Log”

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How to install and configure Nagios3 webadmin on ISPConfig3 website

This article will cover the steps needed for the correct installation and configuration of Nagios3 on a Linux Debian machine running Ispconfig3, and more important, to blatantly use the Nagios3 web interface (nagiosadmin) within one of the client domain websites.
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ISPConfig3 client website CustomLog access log goes into other_vhosts_access.log

rounded_codeThis is a fast but durable and stable solution
The problem:

Client wesites on one of my ISPConfing Web Servers (actually I have to check the others yet) started or, better, stopped logging websites accesses into the expected access log file (the one into /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/blog.giuseppeurso.net/access.log), and start logging into the generic “other_vhosts_access.log” used for the “generic website” the one wich responds to all unmanaged virtualhost requests, the ones that comes by IP address instead of hostnames.

Ispconfig vhost config templates:

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Free SSL Certificate to Ispconfig websites with Startssl – How to

This article will go through the complete process in order to obtain, install and run an SSL Webserver Certificate for free with ISPConfig3 and Startssl dot com.
Some years ago i discovered this useful service for generating Class 2 webserver certificates, very useful to offer your user a secure, encrypted connection over wich they can send their data reducing the risks of being sniffed (i’ll write something about sniffing).
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