Low altitude hold, auto takeoff, autolanding with kk or Hk v2.1 + Arduino + Sonar

This post is under constant update until i find a complete solution

I’m publishing it even if it is not complete because i’ve found some working (into compiler) code and probably there are a lot of people out there in my same situation and we can help each other. So…

UPDATES 2012-12-06

  • I made all connections
  • Reviewed the code and renamed vars so you can actually understand while you read
  • I compiled and uploaded the sketch (the first one has errors)
  • I added an LED for signaling the status changes
  • I’m working on thelemetry (battery voltage)
  • I switched to a new ping library
  • I released new code
  • I updated this discussion about arduino + sonar/ping + kk/hk board
  • It works with any configuration (tricopter, Y4, Y6, xcopter, quadcopter, hexcopter, octocopter, 12 rotors and so…)

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Arduino as flight simulator interface for any rc receiver

Important Update

If you are going to use this code, please read on comments, you will find a better written code, shorter and with no conversions. Thanks to Fabien.

You might be interested also in :Quacopter hexcopter, optocopter FMS models

I have left my usb adapter for my RC Radio to flight simulator to my friend Simone.
I have a spare arduino (any arduino is suitable, until it as at least the usb port, obviously 🙂 ) and a spare turnigy receiver with damaged antenna (max range 5 meters, enough for the coach). Continue reading “Arduino as flight simulator interface for any rc receiver”

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