I was just thinking about buying a Chromebook. Better not

I think I need a netbook.

Speaking about Linux on Desktop and Laptop Computers…

Video of Linus Torvalds About Linux on Desktop pc – youtube (new tab).

Well thanks Linus Torvalds for this unwanted advice for me and for all potential chromebook customers.
What now? Probably Lenovo, or something cheaper. Any case the operating system “will be” or “will be replaced with”: Debian.

The problem is:

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How to take a screenshot with Gnome in Debian Wheezy

gnome screenshot screenshotScreenshot in gnome is very easy, as there is a program called: Screenshot 🙂

This program should come with the default Gnome 3 installation with the Debian Wheezy installer. You can find it in the Debian Classic application menu as well as in the Gnome application menu (the cool one).

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How to record your desktop on Debian using Gnome

recordmydesktop interface in gnomeRecording my desktop on Debian with RecordMyDesktop.

If you are using Debian or other debian derivatives, you can record your desktop session to a video using RecordMyDesktop. This program is available in the Wheezy repository and ad usual, you just need a command to install it:

sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop

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My top 5 Gnome Apps for writing tutorial or posts

GnomeThis article is just a memo to me because I see so many good software everyday, both for command line and with GUI, that is difficult to me to remember exactly the name so i could install it on the office pc at Hippo in Amsterdam or , viceversa, at home.

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Debian Wheezy on my Macbook, cool.

Another one bites the dust

Picture of my macbook running Debian
Mac running Deb.
Sorry for image ugliness, but i wanted to show both screen content and the macbook.

I couldn’t resist and at the end I managed to get Debian running on my macbook.

I kept myself the chance to reboot on OsX using refit (which now is discontinued in favor of refind) and grub, but the truth is that since then i never rebooted on Os X again. Not even once.


Well, first of all let me say that the more packages you install, the more you realize that this distro has nothing less (apart the price) than the commercial OSs.

Some info about my Mac:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory : 4Gb @ 1067Mhz


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