My latest crash under the snow

Here you are my latest crash during a heavy snowing.

I had some damages: one motor with bended shaft, an arm of the Q450 was slightly broken and rubber band philosophy always wins. In fact thanks to the rubber bands both the cameras simply detatched from the platform falling on theur own weight, avoiding sustaining the entire platform weight, as at the opposite, the poor motor #4 did. Continue reading “My latest crash under the snow”

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Low altitude hold, auto takeoff, autolanding with kk or Hk v2.1 + Arduino + Sonar

This post is under constant update until i find a complete solution

I’m publishing it even if it is not complete because i’ve found some working (into compiler) code and probably there are a lot of people out there in my same situation and we can help each other. So…

UPDATES 2012-12-06

  • I made all connections
  • Reviewed the code and renamed vars so you can actually understand while you read
  • I compiled and uploaded the sketch (the first one has errors)
  • I added an LED for signaling the status changes
  • I’m working on thelemetry (battery voltage)
  • I switched to a new ping library
  • I released new code
  • I updated this discussion about arduino + sonar/ping + kk/hk board
  • It works with any configuration (tricopter, Y4, Y6, xcopter, quadcopter, hexcopter, octocopter, 12 rotors and so…)

Continue reading “Low altitude hold, auto takeoff, autolanding with kk or Hk v2.1 + Arduino + Sonar”

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HK V2.1Altitude Hold with arduino and sonar/ping sensor

Yes i have to admit it: last time i tried to take off just with goggles, it crashed. 🙁
It was frustrating also for the poor #4 motor that lost all the small balls of the shaft bearing, consequently grinded within magnet and coils: corps everywhere. didn’t cry, yet. Continue reading “HK V2.1Altitude Hold with arduino and sonar/ping sensor”

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