[ITA] Multiwii MWC 10DOF cinese (aka GY-80) e Arduino: connessioni e test iniziali

Ho deciso di tradurre questo articolo in italiano poiché ho notato che molti dei lettori sono per l’ appunto, italiani.
Ho ricevuto la mia nuova i2c sensors breakout board

Questa è quello che nella configurazione del software MultiWii viene chiamato GY_80 o GY-80.
Non sembra essere indicato il marchio del produttore o il modello / seriale. Quello che si conosce sono i nomi dei singoli componenti utilizzati per questa scheda Continue reading “[ITA] Multiwii MWC 10DOF cinese (aka GY-80) e Arduino: connessioni e test iniziali”

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Automating WordPress wp-cron on debian

timeSome simple steps to automate the execution of wp-cron.php.


  • You can schedule it at convenient hours without affecting performance for users
  • wp-cron.php become more reliable for almost time-critical tasks (updates, autopost, etc)

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Free SSL Certificate to Ispconfig websites with Startssl – How to

This article will go through the complete process in order to obtain, install and run an SSL Webserver Certificate for free with ISPConfig3 and Startssl dot com.
Some years ago i discovered this useful service for generating Class 2 webserver certificates, very useful to offer your user a secure, encrypted connection over wich they can send their data reducing the risks of being sniffed (i’ll write something about sniffing).
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Client side Html Injection with firebug

As described in another article, you can use Client side html injection techniques basically for two reasons:

  • cheat on your friends
  • send variables

In this example we will send some vars to a php page predisposed in order to show all POST vars, then we will apply this technique to the ebay homepage to apply a filter to the search form.
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WordPress and the strange “Posted on %A %B %e%q, %Y”

Custom Grunge WordPress LogoApparentely it starts with no reason, but actually it starts because of qtranslate wordpress plugin.
You don’t ave to uninstall it as it is a valid tool.
Just it needs a little adjustment in its code. Continue reading “WordPress and the strange “Posted on %A %B %e%q, %Y””

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Low altitude hold, auto takeoff, autolanding with kk or Hk v2.1 + Arduino + Sonar

This post is under constant update until i find a complete solution

I’m publishing it even if it is not complete because i’ve found some working (into compiler) code and probably there are a lot of people out there in my same situation and we can help each other. So…

UPDATES 2012-12-06

  • I made all connections
  • Reviewed the code and renamed vars so you can actually understand while you read
  • I compiled and uploaded the sketch (the first one has errors)
  • I added an LED for signaling the status changes
  • I’m working on thelemetry (battery voltage)
  • I switched to a new ping library
  • I released new code
  • I updated this discussion about arduino + sonar/ping + kk/hk board
  • It works with any configuration (tricopter, Y4, Y6, xcopter, quadcopter, hexcopter, octocopter, 12 rotors and so…)

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How to Enable real Bridge mode for UPC Cisco EPC-3925 with HTML Injection

A.K.A. Public (and probably static) IP address for residential UPC customers.

I have a huge bandwidth internet connection, so why don’t let my friends download or upload files to my house, it makes feel us closer, it’s funny to share things, it can be actually useful in some cases.

I live in the Netherlands and here are several companies which offer different internet connections, but the common element is that houses are built with fiber channel in mind, differently from Italy, that’s why we have actually 50Mbit in download and 4Mbit in upload. For this reason I want to try to discover, for example, whether the ip address is a static one (still the same in two months) and other funny things.
So the first thing to do is to check if the router distributed by UPC can actually act as a bridge so I can manage myself all incoming connections having a public ip address. Also I have a spare Cisco E2000 with dd-wrt that eventually can assume the public ip while the cisco turns in a simple bridge. Continue reading “How to Enable real Bridge mode for UPC Cisco EPC-3925 with HTML Injection”

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Using wget to download from svn (subversion)

Well sometimes you could need to download software that it is available just for svn checkouts, without having or using any svn client.

For example I’m on a machine where I cannot install subversion but I have wget wich, at the end, it is just a normal http client just like a browser or subversion itself, without all the svn-related stuff (checkin, checkout, lock, etc.). Continue reading “Using wget to download from svn (subversion)”

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Auto Interview about social privacy – Socratic method

AKA Matrix Training, first grade. Continue reading “Auto Interview about social privacy – Socratic method”

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Debian: How to run scripts at boot time

Personal notes to be always available for debian installations.


Here’s a very simple script which is divided into two parts, code which always runs, and code which runs when called with “start” or “stop”.

If you need something like a service to start at boot time, you need this.
Debian stores script needed to usually start, stop and restart in /etc/init.d/
Scripts contained have to be able to manage at least the start and stop parameters. Continue reading “Debian: How to run scripts at boot time”

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