[Trick] Dead Cable Modem epc3925 – Upc cable tv customer temporary solution

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Please read on:

In order to make your digital tv receiver acts as a bridge, you have to trigger the connection from the receiver some way, otherwise you will not be able to get served by DHCP. I figured out that it is sufficient using some interactive service like the SEARCH (Zoek) function on the menu page.

Enjoy Ducth neighboors! and read the rest of the article 🙂


UPC Mediabox HD
How to use the upc mediabox HD as Modem-Bridge

I’m writing this post using the very workaround that I’m going to describe here.

Symptoms: My Internet connection dropped last night around 2-4 a.m. and i can say this because before and after this time i was using my mac. Continue reading “[Trick] Dead Cable Modem epc3925 – Upc cable tv customer temporary solution”

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How to Enable real Bridge mode for UPC Cisco EPC-3925 with HTML Injection

A.K.A. Public (and probably static) IP address for residential UPC customers.

I have a huge bandwidth internet connection, so why don’t let my friends download or upload files to my house, it makes feel us closer, it’s funny to share things, it can be actually useful in some cases.

I live in the Netherlands and here are several companies which offer different internet connections, but the common element is that houses are built with fiber channel in mind, differently from Italy, that’s why we have actually 50Mbit in download and 4Mbit in upload. For this reason I want to try to discover, for example, whether the ip address is a static one (still the same in two months) and other funny things.
So the first thing to do is to check if the router distributed by UPC can actually act as a bridge so I can manage myself all incoming connections having a public ip address. Also I have a spare Cisco E2000 with dd-wrt that eventually can assume the public ip while the cisco turns in a simple bridge. Continue reading “How to Enable real Bridge mode for UPC Cisco EPC-3925 with HTML Injection”

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