[Easy] How to change ISPConfig Admin password

ispconfiglogoHere is How to change the ISPConfig Admin password from MySql using phpmyadmin or normal logged in mysql user from console.
This is a very small but effective article because sometimes, when you have several machine to manage, it can happen that you just can’t remember that password that moment.

You just need the mysql root password.
If you can’t remember the mysql root password, you can find it in the ispconfig config file in: /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/mysql_clientdb.conf.

Hit this query (using your password in place of mine) to update the ISPConfig Admin password by mysql.

UPDATE sys_user SET passwort = md5('new_password') WHERE username = 'admin';

If you don’t know how to do this by console here are some useful commands

login into mysql:

mysql -u root -p

Select the right db

use dbispconfig;

And hit the query

UPDATE sys_user SET passwort = md5('new_password') WHERE username = 'admin';

After this operation you will be able to login back again into your ISPConfig web admin interface.

That’s all, if you have questions, or you think i wrote something wrong, leave a comment.

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Author: Giuseppe Urso

Giuseppe lives in Haarlem now with his shiny dog, Filippa In 1982 received his first home computer, a Commodore 64, followed by Datasette and a 1541 Floppy Disk Drive. In 1999 he installed his first Linux distro (LRH6). In 2006 he switched to Debian as favourite OS. Giuseppe Urso actively sustains the Free Software Fundation and his founder Richard Mattew Stallman, he speaks to people trying to convince them to join the fight now, and about how important is to use Free Software only. He has a job as Infra Specialist at Hippo Enterprise Java Cms an Open Source Enterprise class Content Management System, one of the coolest company ever, in Amsterdam. He's always ready to install Debian on other people computers for free.

6 thoughts on “[Easy] How to change ISPConfig Admin password”

  1. Nice tutorial – you are missing a semi-colon

    UPDATE sys_user SET passwort = md5(‘new_password’) WHERE username = ‘admin’;

  2. Hello,
    I tryed to execute UPDATE sys_user SET passwort = md5(‘admin’) WHERE username = ‘admin’;
    but in phpmyadmin I have this message “#1109 – Unknown table ‘sys_user’ into dbispconfig”

    can you help me please?

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