How I Fixed (unbrick) my Galaxy Tab 7 aka GT-P1000

Complete Fix for Galaxy GT-P1000

If you screwed like me your galaxy tab including partitions, but you still have chance to start it in Upload mode by pressing power button and volume down, this procedure will save your device.

A couple of remarks only.

Remark 1:
A lot of people claim to have a guide that works, but every single guide i tried just didn’t. So i decided to post this one for desperate people like me that will attempt any guide out there, with no result.

Remark 2 :
It’s moronic to use some file sharing or file upload service that will delete your files after a while or that will be shut down by feds after a while, so i used my google drive account.

GT-P1000 Complete package

Extract all files from above linked package into a directory

Heimdal for mac (the version i used)

Use the following command line to upload the files to your galaxy.

Cmd line command:

heimdall flash –repartition –CACHE cache.rfs –DBDATAFS dbdata.rfs –FACTORYFS factoryfs.rfs –pit gt-p1000_mr.pit  –IBL+PBL boot.bin –MODEM modem.bin –PARAM param.lfs –SBL Sbl.bin –SBL2 Sbl.bin –KERNEL zImage –RECOVERY zImage –HIDDEN hidden.rfs –MOVINAND movinand.mst –verbose

Not sure if it is really needed but after this operation i started the device in .. let’s call it install mode by pressing power button and volume up, together.

Then it restarted

If you are in trouble just drop me a comment, i usually answer within a couple of days or minutes 😉


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Author: Giuseppe Urso

Giuseppe lives in Haarlem now with his shiny dog, Filippa In 1982 received his first home computer, a Commodore 64, followed by Datasette and a 1541 Floppy Disk Drive. In 1999 he installed his first Linux distro (LRH6). In 2006 he switched to Debian as favourite OS. Giuseppe Urso actively sustains the Free Software Fundation and his founder Richard Mattew Stallman, he speaks to people trying to convince them to join the fight now, and about how important is to use Free Software only. He has a job as Infra Specialist at Hippo Enterprise Java Cms an Open Source Enterprise class Content Management System, one of the coolest company ever, in Amsterdam. He's always ready to install Debian on other people computers for free.

29 thoughts on “How I Fixed (unbrick) my Galaxy Tab 7 aka GT-P1000”

  1. Hello, while doing this procedure, have you had your tablet plugged in the PC ? And where exactly should I write the commands?

    1. Hi, when you use Heimdal, yes you must have your tab plugged to the pc and the command should be typed into the command line interface / terminal / shell.


  2. L’article pourrait être intéressant, le problème avec les traducteurs automatiques, c’est qu’on ne comprend rien 🙁

  3. hi bro ,,, can you make it more easier, my tab “P1000 is dead i mean totaly dead i cant even go to the down load mod ,,, help me please if you dont mind..

      1. cant turn it on of off, it start by it self with the pic of phone and PC then it goes off for 10 to 15 mints.

        1. Hm it’s seems to me that it’s the download mode the one it starts into when turned on. Does it happen when you plug it into the usb port of the pc? if yes that sounds good to me, just assume that it’s on download mode and give it a try (follow the guide since then). Let me know

          1. sir, mine is something different……normally its tottaly dead also while connecting to the computer via usb….but when i connect it to the charger ,…the screen turn on with the sign of bricked .and screen is blinking {blinking time interval is 1 or 2 sec)
            please help me……………………………thanks////………….

  4. My tab doesn’t go past the samsung logo stage,it keeps rebooting itself at that point.I saw this solution but I use windows pc.Will it work for me?

  5. Not sure if you are still monitoring this post or not, but I am trying to revive my GT-P1000 using your post. I’ve downloaded everything, but when I enter the command into my terminal, I get the following message:

    Invalid argument: –repartition

    Please let me know if you have any information or advice. I really appreciate it!

    1. I think you are not using a mac.
      With Ubuntu i have the following help for the “flash” action and all the argument have two hypens and not one.
      Hope this solves your problem.

      Action: flash
      --repartition --pit
      --|-- [...]
      [--verbose] [--no-reboot] [--stdout-errors] [--delay ]
      [--usb-log-level ]
      --|-- [...]
      [--verbose] [--no-reboot] [--stdout-errors] [--delay ]
      [--usb-log-level ]
      Description: Flashes one or more firmware files to your phone. Partition names
      (or identifiers) can be obtained by executing the print-pit action.
      WARNING: If you're repartitioning it's strongly recommended you specify
      all files at your disposal.

      1. No…I’m definitely on OS X (10.10.2) and even with two hyphens the error is the same, for example:

        heimdall flash –-repartition -–pit p1000_mr.pit –-CACHE cache.rfs –-DBDATAFS dbdata.rfs -–FACTORYFS factoryfs.rfs -–IBL+PBL boot.bin -–MODEM modem.bin -–PARAM param.lfs -–SBL Sbl.bin -–SBL2 Sbl.bin –-KERNEL zImage –-RECOVERY zImage –-HIDDEN hidden.rfs –-MOVINAND movinand.mst --verbose

        will get me

        Invalid argument: –-repartition

        I’m feeling quite helpless about this Galaxy Tab…

        1. Hi, what’s the output of heimdall with no parameters? with that command you should be able to see which are the accepted parameters, maybe they changed it into something else..

          Let me know

        2. I had the same issue with the repartition arguments and after some try’n’error, this fixed it for me:

          heimdall flash -repartition gt-p1000_mr.pit -CACHE cache.rfs -DBDATAFS dbdata.rfs -–FACTORYFS factoryfs.rfs -–IBL+PBL boot.bin -–MODEM modem.bin -–PARAM param.lfs -–SBL Sbl.bin -–SBL2 Sbl.bin -KERNEL zImage -RECOVERY zImage -HIDDEN hidden.rfs -MOVINAND movinand.mst –verbose

  6. Soft Brick GT P1000 (pic of phone and computer) do i have to have a mac to use heimdall? I have Windows 7 x64 cant open the .dmg file

  7. hola
    mi tab p1000l se apago y no enciende esta toda negra solo cuando carga encienden los botones no he podido recuperarla aprieto el boton encendido y abajo conectada a la compu yno aparece nada como hacerle para que aparezca en la compu y poder instalar el sofware o archivos que perdio

  8. Respected Sir,
    I am currently using linux mint. Would like to try your method. When switched on my tab shows the phone and computer symbol with the caution symbol in the middle. But I am able to get into upload mode rather than download mode. After connecting to my linux mint pc should I type the commands in terminal window?? Should I extract the files to any specific directory?

      1. Hi, yes, if I remember correctly it was slightly different for mac. I advise you to run the command (not sure which one you’re referring at) with the -h or –help switch so you can easily see how it should be.

  9. Hey,my Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 i got bored with the original rom,so i found one ROM,and tried to install it,i know how to do it i have done it a million times on my other phones,so i put my phone in download mode,and connect it to PC,and do everything,press start,and then it says ,,All threats completed failed”.Something like that i dont remember,and it got stock in download mode,i just powered it off on the power button,but it showed me the: phone ! PC caution sign beetween those,i was seraching for hours and hours,found the original firmware,and tried to flash it while it was on that screen.But it still shows me All threads completed failed.Please if can Answer,How to unbrick it,pleasee. 🙁

    1. And one thing i saw other guy posted a comment has just like mine problem,but i downloaded your files,,GT-P1000 Complete package”.But i dont know how to flash them,which one goes where? i dont know please explain more detailed

      1. hi sir, i ve got a problem with ma galaxy ta p1000. i wanted to flash a other rom for to leave android 2 ,but i ve make a mistake while flashing cwm recovery with odin. instead of to select pda i selected bootloader to flash the file. so my tablet is bricked even a flash an other rom with odin it doesn’t work , i can just hear the starting song ,… so i can do everything but the screen it steel black. please help me Mr Gieuseppe Urso please

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