Geloso G3227-a vacuum tube amp, revive project

In the '80s a hospital in Den Helder, built in the '60, was renovated and one of the guys working at that renovation found, removed and took home this amplifier that i bought after almost 40 years. The amplifier was used for announcements on the microphone to be sent to all the speakers in the hospital.

So the amp did not work when I brought it home, and i was already taking note about all replacement i wanted to do starting by the capacitors.

This said, a couple of days ago, my friend Collin came over for dinner and after some spaghetti alla carbonara, we started looking in the belly of this piece of technology from another world.

In the end, when Collin left my house I had a full face smile and a working vintage amplifier right from 1966. Wow.

Turned out to be something that catches the eye because it's there but standing to the schematics, it should not.

Looking further it is visible some kind of damage at the corner of the output transformer, probably someone used it for a very crowded party, and unless you use a variable resistor to keep voltage a bit down, the thing sparks around.

As usual I've got shocked a couple of times.

Now I'm busy struggling with searching for replacement parts, output transformer as first. I have to admit that i don't want to end up spending as much as i would spend for some brand new amp or a decent one in a decent working order, which reads: no fancy audiophile parts.

Nice caps though.

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