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icann-logoLet’s review two of the Domain Name Registrars i’v used so far: VS How do they do?

Why this post:
( I have to wait because the dns record of one of the sites I’m working on ( has not been propagated yet. I use two registrars for domain names (actualy i use two of them because i’m switching on the second…): and

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The first of them, has terribly slow update times, it costs more than and they are very ugly on the customer service side (they actually don’t even write “Hello” in their email answers if any and this is not good). If you are a manager of Misterdomain, you should talk to your empployees (or probably pay them better) and teach them to establish good relationship with customers (especially when they own several domains).
Misterdomain DNS management does not support wildcards, so if you are planning to do some advanced web marketing campain, please keep advanced pro like me in consideration.
You can manage:

  • “A”
  • “Cname”
  • “MX” records

Last but maybe the most important: Misterdomain has not remote api access for webservices nor give user api access in order to manage domains from an external platform such as WHMCS.

internetbs-net-registrar-logo Logo

InternetBs instead is far from that uglyness, they helped me with troubleshooting faulty configs (it’s hard to manage dns zones), assisted me on the development of my custom api calls etc, without mention the fact they are cheaper :). Also they have very advenced features for remote api access and i wrote an Advanced Internetbs WHMCS Registrar module to use all of the advanced features like creating a cPanel user and site without hosting dns records, but letting internetbs doing for me. Also being designed on Web Hosting Management, it offers possibility to hold your prepaid credit to be used for automated domain name registration tasks. DNS management web panel is very fast
From within this panel is possible to:

  • Manage Whois Contacts
  • Update DNS List
  • Manage Url Forwarding
  • Manage Email Forwarding
  • Manage renewals
  • Manage Auto-renewals
  • Move/Copy
  • Install and manage Google Apps / Blogger / Blogspot
  • Create / Update Nameservers
  • Push Domain
  • Lock / Unlock domains
  • EPP Auth Info
  • EPP Auth Info by email
  • DNS management
  • Enable/Disable Whois Privacy

The Dns Management tool is able to:

  • Manage URL Forwarding
  • Manage Email Forwarding
  • Manage Dynamic DNS Records
  • Manage “A”, “CNAME”, “MX”, “AAAA”, “SRV”, “NS”, “SOA” records.


Misterdomain is good to non-Professionals.
Internet bs is a good and cheap choice for Professionals.
I’m sorry, but i’m writing this article because your DNS records update takes sooooooo looooooooooooong. It’s not my fault 🙂 infact if i had my dns update within 30 minutes from my submission, i would not have wrote this one 😉 . I can help setting up a decent platform. Just drop me an email.


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