Bowers & Wilkins DM22 fix cabinet, filters, grill clothing

Found these speakers for a handful of euros so i bought them with the idea of cannibalise them for the tweeters to use for a pair of tweeterless DM5. But turns out that while the DM5 run a TW20 tweeter, the DM22 run a TW26, so the transplant is not going to happen for incompatible donor. What is going to happen instead is that I will sand a bit the cabinets because over time discolored in some places and probably have been toasted by sun rays in other spots making them a three-color thing.
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Geloso G3227-a vacuum tube amp, revive project

In the '80s a hospital in Den Helder, built in the '60, was renovated and one of the guys working at that renovation found, removed and took home this amplifier that i bought after almost 40 years. The amplifier was used for announcements on the microphone to be sent to all the speakers in the hospital.
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So, i found this beast and i bouhgt and I’m gonna clean it up and fix where needed (mainly capacitors i guess).

Some pictures

It perfectly works, or at least apparently, because, once arrived home i tested recording and it was not recording nor erasing anything at all, to the point that monitoring the tape would let you listen to the old content of the tape. So that was solved or temporarily verified as something that can be easily fixed by cleaning the contacts of the recording switches.
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