Bowers & Wilkins DM22 fix cabinet, filters, grill clothing

Found these speakers for a handful of euros so i bought them with the idea of cannibalise them for the tweeters to use for a pair of tweeterless DM5. But turns out that while the DM5 run a TW20 tweeter, the DM22 run a TW26, so the transplant is not going to happen for incompatible donor. What is going to happen instead is that I will sand a bit the cabinets because over time discolored in some places and probably have been toasted by sun rays in other spots making them a three-color thing.
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Geloso G3227-a vacuum tube amp, revive project

In the '80s a hospital in Den Helder, built in the '60, was renovated and one of the guys working at that renovation found, removed and took home this amplifier that i bought after almost 40 years. The amplifier was used for announcements on the microphone to be sent to all the speakers in the hospital.
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So, i found this beast and i bouhgt and I’m gonna clean it up and fix where needed (mainly capacitors i guess).

Some pictures

It perfectly works, or at least apparently, because, once arrived home i tested recording and it was not recording nor erasing anything at all, to the point that monitoring the tape would let you listen to the old content of the tape. So that was solved or temporarily verified as something that can be easily fixed by cleaning the contacts of the recording switches.
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Top 10 Nations that spy on their citizen using Google.

Standing to the Google Transparency Report, several countries governments are asking Google about Google User data and searches. Which is creepy.

Courtesy of

At this link, you will find interesting news about the global volume of requests received by Google about user data an user searches Ok it is creepy, but is creepier to see what your country does, because i bet that you like me, are thinking that your country is not so interested in Google accounts, but, just take a look here, pick your country and see what your government does, how high is the volume of the requests.

Top 10 Spying Countries

User Data Requests
Percentage of requests where some data produced Users/Accounts Specified
Total > 21389 66% > 33634

And here you are: (You can consult yourself the global page¬†here). Please note that the column “PERCENTAGE OF REQUESTS WHERE SOME DATA PRODUCED” basically means the number of time that the person or search they were looking for has had a positive match. Instead the column “USERS/ACCOUNTS SPECIFIED” contains the number of requests made on specific google accounts, basically G+ username or email address. Ok, all these people here, are probably connected with some crime or inquire, but should they be notified? Let me/us know what you think.


So, what’s next?

Some of us just don’t care about this, others will probably take some countermeasure. And as a final consideration, Google services are good for companies, maybe the private people should think about smaller solution, although having youtube, gmail, calendar, drive etc with the same account is very convenient and attractive.

You choose!

Have a nice weekend.

Hippo Open Source CMS get together Amsterdam 2013

Yes, it’s Hippo, the open source java cms event of this year. And it’s still running, so you can take your private jet and join us!


Hippo, the open source java CMS

Italian ‘Old School’ politicians are scared by Beppe Grillo: why

italy_vote_9Italian politicians who come from the ‘old school’ are quiet scared this last elections, because of Beppe Grillo and his fresh organization.

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Why Poste Italiane is one of the most Fishing-friendly Websites


Right after just a couple of days since my post about the security of Poste Italiane home banking website, some things have happened, some other which were expected to do, didn’t.

Within the thing which have happened, for instance, Google and Firefox identified the website i’ve wrote about as a fishing websites, warning visitors about the evil content hosted on those pages. What i signaled was the ease with which these identity stealers can make a perfect copy of the home page of the mentioned service. Continue reading “Why Poste Italiane is one of the most Fishing-friendly Websites”

Poste Italiane Home Banking security? Ridiculous.



Yes, i can’t resist and i want to study every single scam attempt i detect.
This one was quiet easy, a fishing email, nothing special: it was already in the junk mail.
This email contains a link to a fake home page for (, normal for a fishing email.
What was unexpectedly interesting was seeing the html of this fake page: it contains references to resources that are actually hosted on the real server of posteitaliane!

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Spam counterproductivity as lack of Netiquette signal for companies

Homo_erectus_newHow to fight against spammers.

What some people continue to ignore is the couterproductivity of unwanted advertising email. I will explain here how to turn their childish behavior against themselves. You just follow this post. Continue reading “Spam counterproductivity as lack of Netiquette signal for companies”