Installing Skype on Debian Wheezy 64bit

How to install Skype on your brand new Debian Wheezy 64bit

I’m migrating all my personal computers to Debian Wheezy (or Jessie in some cases). Personally i hate Skype but i have friends who don’t want to understand the importance of using open source software only, and for this reason i need Skype at least to school them to the open source life style.

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I was just thinking about buying a Chromebook. Better not

I think I need a netbook.

Speaking about Linux on Desktop and Laptop Computers…

Video of Linus Torvalds About Linux on Desktop pc – youtube (new tab).

Well thanks Linus Torvalds for this unwanted advice for me and for all potential chromebook customers.
What now? Probably Lenovo, or something cheaper. Any case the operating system “will be” or “will be replaced with”: Debian.

The problem is:

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Macbook and Debian Wheezy: Fix Wifi issues

gnome-network-managerIf you install Debian Wheezy on macbook you will probably face the problem that the wifi connection works but sometimes it simply drops. I didn’t investigate too much on causes because it turned out I was using a old driver: b43, b44 which have been replaced by the newer module “wl”.

This because the Macbook pro uses a BCM4322 s you can see from the output of lspcs

04:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)

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How to publish the raspberry streaming a live feed

raspberry streaming side viewI decided to publish my raspberry streaming from home a live feed of the yard in Haarlem.

I will assume you already have a raspberry streaming a livevideo feed.

To do so i need to use some sort of dynamic dns so i can link my home internet connection without taking care of the ip address. I decided for as i know it already and i know they have a linux client so i can install it directly on the raspberry.

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Raspberry pi streaming webcam

How to build a streaming server with a webcam and a Raspberry pi

Here is described how to obtain a live streaming server with ffmpeg and ffserver using a webcam and a Raspberry; it’ s easy enough. Unfortunately AFAIK, the default ffmpeg should segfault if used for streaming live video feed. For this reason we need to compile it ourselves.

It takes some times (the make command) so be sure to have sufficient time.

Here is the recipe:

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How to create a Vagrant box. easy steps

vagrantGuide to the creation of a Vagrant Box


In these easy steps is described the process for the creation of a fully working Vagrant box. I suppose you already installed Vagrant.


This procedure will take place using two software:

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Debian: how to decently sort du -sh *

dufHow to sort du by size.

The utility du works very well and in a linux mentality, basically it is perfect because it does just one thing but it does that at best.

So nothing to complain for the du utility, but you can always improve your tools.

I’m not the author of this script, but i publish it here for me as well, because I’m pretty sure it will be very useful in the next future.

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Debian and Raspbian Rcconf: manage programs at boot.

debian-logoHow to list / change / remove programs at startup on Debian

Here it is How to check which programs or services run at boot of your linux box.

The rcconf utility makes a great job, but first of all we need to install it, as it os not bundled together with debian or raspbian, this is because a real man should use the command line to do this…

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Nginx, php-fcgi, curl

phpHow to add Curl to php-fcgi with Nginx.

Writing this obvious information, is useful to me because of two reasons:


2) My poor memory.

Step1 Downloading and installing your distro curl-php, search for it first, so you can possibly choose which one to install.
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How to compile and install wkhtmltopdf on Debian

How to compile and install wkhtmltopdf on Debian
(And  consequently wkhtmltoimage).


I found this procedure in a comment at the end of the wkhtmltopdf install guide which didn’t work for me on Debian and although I usually hate creating redundance, i decided to copy it and write it in a human readable form, here for me whenever I need it, and obviously to share it with you, people.

Worked with
wkhtmltopdf-0.11.0_rc1.tar.bz2 source code package,
git:// for qt source
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