WordPress Moodle integration

A.K.A. WordPress and moodle SSO (Single Sign On).

There are these two very good open source content management and e-learning products:



I find this a very interesting argument, for this reason i started writing a guide about how to make users authenticate on both systems with a single sign on.

My post is about getting things running smoothly after wordpress updates.

That could be tricky because any updat on wordpress side or on moodle side will overwrite all modification made in order to make the SSO working.

You can take a look at my post about Moodle and WordPress integration.

Let me know if this works for you and what can goes wrong so I can update information there.


Installing and configuring Bareos (Bacula fork) with web front-end on Debian Wheezy.

And taking nice backups easy to be restored.

The story is quiet simple: some times ago I would have liked to have a kind of 8 months old backup for a friend of mine, but it was too late. So now, I want backups with a decent retention. So I can go “back in time” and recover files. Another choice could have been Subversion, but Iā€™m going to backup images as well so, for this reason I’ll not take Subversion into consideration.
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Welcome Twentytherteen, just add a sidebar and show excerpt|summary in home, search and co.


Well turns out a better way of having excerpts on home page is to use the <!–more–> comment tag.

So read at your risk, or if you don’t want to edit every single post to add the tag.

I just installed and enabled this new theme Twentytherteen, very nice, clean and with this VERY BIG font that is fancy nowadays.

Only two remarks:

In order to make the theme shows the summaries in place of the full articles in Home page and other similar circumstances (search results, author page, tag page, archive page, home page) , just find and edit the file called content.php in the root folder of your theme. Easy to do with the theme editor of Word Press. And look for the following line

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Hippo Open Source CMS get together Amsterdam 2013

Yes, it’s Hippo, the open source java cms event of this year. And it’s still running, so you can take your private jet and join us!


Hippo, the open source java CMS

[personal log] Tomcat 6 with apache2 as reverse proxy on one or more Virtual Hosts

As reported on the my other article about Hippo Open Source CMS i will start a fresh install of tomcat 6.

If you need to do the same as me, read on this article until the end.

First thing to do is to remove the tomcat6 installation made by using aptitude.
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[Solved] Woocommerce theme layout problem (all themes)

woocommerce logo
woocommerce logo

How to fix Woocommerce theme layout problem in shop page, category page, product page, images size, thumbnails size; with or without sidebar(s) in any theme.

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Exploring Open Source CMS: Hippo

Hippo-cms-logoI’m going to test out some relevant Content Management System from the Open Source planet. This time i will try to install and configure Hippo Cms. Since I already tried almost all famous CMS written in php, this time we will take a look to this one, written in Java.

About Java: first time i came to speak about Java, a tremendous miskate was made. In fact while my interlocutor was speaking about Java as a Server-sided tech, i was speaking about the client part, the one i don’t like at all, and actually all considered, is slow, subject of contiuous updates, quiet bothering i mean. And my recentest memory about this is the callcenter dudes who had to manage oracle forms through a java web GUI: a nightmare!.

Anyway, as we all know, “the good is oft(en) interred with their bones“… so let it be with java for clients and let’s start seeing what do I need in order to start serving jsp from my machine. Continue reading “Exploring Open Source CMS: Hippo”

Woocommerce shop page layout with Responsive By emiluzelac


Mini tutorial on how to get Woocommerce perfecly integrated into your already existing wordpress theme: this case Responsive By emiluzelac, a very good and really responsive theme for your wordpress blog.

Unfortunately this theme as a large number of themes, does not have the woocommerce optimization in order to get a perfect ecommerce wordpress platform. Infact woocommerce itself works great! It just need this little help. But, hey it is worth the effort!

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AwesomeAds and PHP Warning: feof() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given

I’m going through error logs in order to optimize apache performance avoiding unuseful php errors and warning not visible from the “outside”. Then i’ve found an error related with this wordpress plugin called “Awesome Ads” wich can manage ads displaying on pages and post from two providers: Adsense and Chitika. This second one must be in some way related with the plugin using the Adsense popularity and at same time the lack of very good plugin for its management, to push a bit their product. Common practice. Not shareable, but common.

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How to Ban a country with iptables

Block a country with iptablesI’m stil lreceiving huge spam/unwanted traffic from russia.
I want to ban with iptables
I already tried to stop it using fail2ban but they continuosly change their IP Address so there is no repetitive behavior wich fail2ban can trace.
This means that even if i setup rules for fail2ban they can do the first connection anyway wasting a little of my server resources.
I want to stop it now, so i decided to do it the bad way:using iptables.
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