Unable to configure permitted SSL ciphers SSL Library Error: 336486680 error:140E6118:SSL routines:SSL_CIPHER_PROCESS_RULESTR:invalid command

You copy/pasted the virtualhost configuration from an output that truncated the long line that starts by



Am I right?


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Elasticsearch bin/plugin: 48: exec: : Permission denied

You are trying to install a plugin as root, but as such, you don’t have JAVA_HOME configured, because the user elasticsearch is the one running ES

export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/java



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hostname: Name or service not known

This error is caused by the file /etc/hostname being empty,  unreadable, corrupted

Did this help?



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Extend Xen guest partition on a live system without restart

No restart of the guest VM is required

on Dom0:

lvextend /dev/lvm/domU.lan-var -L +5G
Extending logical volumedomU.lan-var  to 7.00 GiB
Logical volume domU.com-var successfully resized

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Generate, check, debug and convert with OpenSSL

General OpenSSL Commands

These commands allow you to generate CSRs, Certificates, Private Keys, convert the sh*t out of a certificate and do other miscellaneous tasks.
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Ubuntu 14.04 preseed/late_command doesn’t work: this is why

The reason why

d-i preseed/late_command string

doesn’t work on your installation of Ubuntu 14.04 is that you are probably using Ubiquity.
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Asus X202E touchpad sensitivity with Ubuntu

The ones out there who decided to drop Windows 8 in favor of Ubuntu after buying an Asus X202E will probably face the issue of a too sensitive touchpad which makes the laptop barely usable, with a lot of random unwanted clicks especially during the “two finger scrolling”. The two finger scrolling is a feature I really don’t want to give up as well as the touch to click one, as i find them really convenient as long as I have to use the laptop as laptop, which means without an external pointing device such as a mouse.
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Ubuntu Xinput man page

xinput – utility to configure and test X input devices


xinput(1) General Commands Manual xinput(1)


xinput – utility to configure and test X input devices
xinput is a utility to list available input devices, query information about a
device and change input device settings.
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Italiani, meno pallone, meno fica e piu’ Huxley!

Italian people, less football, less pussy and more Huxley!

Transcript below.

This is a rare speech plus session of questions and answer given by Prof Aldous Huxley in 1962 at Berkeley

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Defeating massive surveillance one step at time: Facebook

I decided to move to freedom.

This is a series of posts documenting how I’m doing it, a small step at time.

This academic article illustrates how facebook tracks you

There are some thing I assume we all should have understood so far, but sometimes I’m wrong, otherwise it wouldn’t be explainable how possibly people are still buying and using operating system like Windows or Mac OsX.
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