Lipo charger resuscitated apparently dead white intel macbook battery

If you left your macbook with no power for a long time, its battery will probably refuse both to boot or to charge. For those of you a little experienced in batteries, there will be probably a good hope to bring your batteey back to life using a good balance charger and discharger for lipo, li-fe,li-ion,pb battery and so. You have to open the battery case, use the force but wisely. And you will get to this:

The internals of the white 13 macbook

As you can see there are 3 coupled cells (3s 2p). Also the sticker on the case says 10.8 5400mAh.

Label of the 5400mAh 10.8 v li-ion white 13 macbook

So our next step is to program the battery charger in order to give this battery an initial charge useful to continue charging it with my mac, normally.

Disolay of the battery charger

Now connect the batteryto the charger as follows

Connecting the white 13 macbook battery to the battery charger

Then setup your charger to start charging thi battery as follows. Please note that my charger can’ t go over 5 ampere (sufficient for our purposes) :

Display of the battery charger setup for the white 3 macbook battert

It should start charging with no problem. Othetwise you have to check connectin or simply your battery is acrually dead. Check also the internal tester wirt the button on the bottom of the battery.

Display of the charger during the charge of the white 3 macbook battery

That’s all, once you put the battery back on your mac you will see you mac charging it again.

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